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Light up EntryWays with Lite-A-Switch

    Led Light Plate

    The exciting products in LED light plate nightlights from Lite A Switch are definitely going to delight you, designed to show you where switches and electrical outlets are located in dark rooms. You must have struggled at some time or another in the dark on the way to the bathroom to find your light switches at night, even if you know where they are. The illuminated LED light plate provides you with a soft, warm glow, which is bright enough so that you do not even have to turn on a light. For children's nightlights they are practical and low cost, plus you have some great color options to choose from. Have a look at the photos of our LED light plate night lights, and you will agree that this invention is sensational.

    Smart hotels that want something special for their guests will definitely order enough LED light plates to illuminate light switches and electrical outlets for guests, and they are so low cost, you can do every hotel room you have. Besides them being practical, the soft glow they provide also adds something classy to the décor, and for hallways and stairwells, they add an element of safety. By now you must have heard of the new LED lights you can buy for every purposes, and what is making them so attractive is the extremely low power consumption, while you get the same amount of light. Our LED light plate can be kept on permanently all year round, and the power consumption will only cost you a few cents per switch plate.

    If you order the diamond white, bright LED light plate night lights, they will provide enough ambient light in any room, so that you do not have to put on a light to go to the bathroom, or find an object you are looking for. Other color options we have in stock are soft blue, emerald green and princess pink, and later we may be adding new color options, so check back often. Order your LED light plate for single and dual switches, and being universal sizes, they should fit almost every type of light switch and electrical outlet plates currently on the market.

    Lite A Switch provides you with a full quality guarantee for your peace of mind when you order our fabulous LED light plate nightlights, and even if you leave them on all the time, they should last for up to 12 years. Add value to your shopping cart as well with free shipping when you order more than three LED light plate nightlights, and we will send them to you anywhere in the United States, after secure encrypted online payment options. Read our verifiable testimonials from very satisfied customers that have used them for seniors, children nightlights, or just something special to enhance their décor and to the value of their homes. We know we will be adding yours soon enough.

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