Elegant LED Accent Lighting
for Entry Way, Hallway & Bathrooms
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The Finishing Touch for Every Room
Child Proof LED Night Light LED Night Light Outlet Plate
LiteAswitch Update

New Management has come in to revamp product and get things back on line.

New Targets have been established and we apologize for all the missed dead lines.

Here is the latest:
- New design Has Not been Completed
- New Deadline for Product is now Feb 2015
- Limited Liteaswitch Stock is available and No new product will be available until new release of product next year
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Child Proof, Finally No Wasted Outlets, Switch Mountable for Entry Ways & Hallways
LED NIGHTLIGHT SWITCH WALLPLATE LiteAswitch has been superseded By LiteAplate
LED Nightlight Dual Style
We are recommending it to be Used only with Outlet Device
LED NightlLight Wallplate
Childs LED NightLight
LED Lighted Switch
   Enhance Any Decor with LiteAPlate
Lighted LED Night Light Outlet LED Lighted GFI Outlet Nightlight
LED Nightlight Single Style $14.95

Available in 4
Vibrant LED Colors

Diamond White
Chrystal Blue
Emerald Green
Princess Pink
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Lite-A-Plate Wiring & Installation Guide
LED Light Plate Install Guide LED Light Plate Installation How to Install LED Light Plate Installation of LED Light Plate Wiring of LED Light Plate Wiring & Installation of LED outlet Plate
Turn Off Power
Remove Plate
Pull Out Switch Slide LiteaPlate
over Switch
Connect LiteaPlate
Remount Reassemble
Top 10 reasons Lite-A-Plate is the Best LED NightLight
#1 Find the Switch with Light-A-Plate: The LED Nightlight that is convenient for you and your hotel guests. Never fumble for that switch in the Dark again.

#2 No Batteries needed: Light A Plate (Lite-A-Plate) uses the latest Hi-Tech LEDís not cheap battery LEDís, so you will never replace a battery or a bulb again. Just install & enjoy the safety & convenience that Light-A-Plate (LiteAswitch) provides.

#3 Switch Mounted: Allows Lite-A-Plate to be placed in more places within your home without the expense of additional wiring. Entry ways, Bathrooms & Hallways can now provide useful lighting at night easily with Lite-A-Plate.

#4. NO wasted Outlet Space: No Outlet required! No more pulling out old fashioned Nightlights in the bathroom, just to plug in a shaver, toothbrush or hair dryer.

#5 Safe for Kids of all ages: Light A Plate (Lite-A-Plate) by design is the safest nightlight you can get for your child, it is virtually impossible to remove. Hotels may use Security Screws to prevent unauthorized removal as well.
#6 Saves Energy: Kids Love to keep Light A Plate (Lite-A-Plate) on and that means your main Light are off saving you money. No more leaving the Hall or Bedroom lights on to keep the BOOGEY man away. The energy cost to operate the Hi Efficiency LED night light is approx. $.05/month when left on 24/7.

#7 Enhance Your Design & Decor: The Universal LED Light A Plate (Lite-A-Plate) works with your existing wall plates giving them a unique & elegant look. Lite-A-Plate is available in Diamond White, Crystal Blue , Emerald Green & Princess Pink and the fun colors are ideal for a Theme room or Media room.

#8. Versatile & Flexible: Light A Plate (Lite-A-Plate) works with all switches & outlets while complementing your current dťcor.

#9 Long Life 10 year LED: Light A Plate (Lite-A-Plate) is designed with the latest long life LED technology insuring it operates to its rated life. LED life is extended by using more LEDís than most night lights, allowing them to run with reduced current and temperature levels than other LED night lights.

#10 Strategic Lighting: Lite-A-Plate works with ALL Switches & Outlets allowing it to be better positioned and provide optimal lighting in locations such as entry ways, hallways and more.
The Light A Plate (Lite-A-Plate) Night Light employs LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology which is revolutionizing the lighting industry. Since LEDís consume 10 percent of the energy of incandescent lamps, Lite-A-Plate costs no more than $0.25/ year to operate when used an average of 10 hours a day. Use it in bathrooms, kitchens, senior living quarters, vacation homes, etc. The LED in the light gives off an agreeable and comfortable glow. Features: Diamond White, Crystal Blue, Emerald Green, Princess Pink and custom LED colors available. No bulb replacement saves money on energy and bulb replacement costs. $0.25 / year to operate, no heat from lamp, LED rated at 100, 000 hours 11.5 years continuous versatile consumes 10 percent of the energy of incandescent, 110V/120V Operation.